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Track and Field Time With Timberwolves

Zach Dillon finished 5th in the state last year in the AAA Boy’s long jump clearing 22 feet 10 1/4 inches. It was 4 inches better than fellow teammate Alize Graham-who finished 9th.

“Talk about doing the long jump. What’s the key? Basically for me like mostly I just let my speed take me and I’ll try to get the most height that I possibly can so I can get to maximize my distance,” said Zach Dillon.

“It’s all about your steps because we do 7 steps back and then those 7 steps. It’s all about hitting the board explosion-take off. We call it cycling -cycle our legs it pushes us farther and speed-you need great speed and good speed to be a good jumper,” said Alize Graham.

Hawley Prepares to Host 1st Earth Fest

HAWLEY – It was freezing Wednesday morning in our area, enough to have people looking forward to warmer days ahead.

We found folks in downtown Hawley, Wayne County, wrapping trees with brightly colored fabric.

It’s a way to draw attention to the upcoming Hawley Earth Fest the weekend after Easter.

There will be all sorts of activities from Friday through Sunday in the Hawley area and organizers hope the weather cooperates.

“It’s going to be an exciting weekend, species parade in Bingham Park, kids and families are encouraged to come down and get their spring on,” said Simon Knox with the Downtown Hawley Partnership.

There will live music at the Hawley Silk Mill’s Boiler Room

This week on Pennsylvania Outdoor Life

Follow along as field staff member Susan Gallagher releases a porcupine back into the wild and we’ll have a conversation with the executive director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission about the status of the state’s fish population.  Plus, we have a trout season edition of Pennsylvania People and Places and a product giveaway and it’s all Sunday night at 6:30.

A Culinary Home Run at the RailRiders at PNC Field

Jackie Lewandoski takes you on a culinary tour of all the new fabulous fresh foods you can find at the SWB RailRiders games this season.  In addition to meats smoked right at the stadium, mascots Champ, Mr. Incrediball and Quills each have their own special foods for fans to enjoy.

Matzah Brei for Passover

Newswatch 16′s Lara Greenberg prepares a Matzah Brei for Passover Seder.

Serves: 3

6 sheets of Matzah

3 eggs

½ stick of unsalted butter



  1. Break matzah into large pieces and put in a big bowl.
  2. Blanch matzah in hot water, making sure all pieces are wet.
  3. Once the matzah is soft, drain the matzah in a colander.
  4. Beat eggs in a separate, smaller bowl.
  5. Melt butter in pan on stove.
  6. Cover matzah in egg batter.
  7. Put matzah in pan, cook, and flip until matzah is golden brown.
  8. Serve with sugar (or whatever you like – many like a “savory” version of matzah brei, with salt, eggs, etc.)


The Grass is Always Greener at the RailRiders’ PNC Field

Paul Epsom had the opportunity to meet Steve Horne,  the grounds keeper at the RailRiders’ PNC Field to see how it is maintained and kept in tip-top shape throughout the season.

She’s a Direct Descendant of a Salem “Witch”

Meet Donna Ward of Union County,  she is a direct descendant of Martha Carrier a woman hung at the Salem witch trials.  Hear her amazing stories and see her genealogical tree dating back to the 1600′s.